Reigning Cats and Dogs is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield hosts a show on why cats are better than dogs.


Cats everywhere are tuning into their TV's to watch a show (sponsored by Luigi's Drive-Thru Lasagna). It is a debate on why cats are superior to dogs; Garfield will be hosting it. Garfield answers simply by saying that cats just are better until he is forced out there to give more detail on the answer. He requests a dog for a demonstration, resulting in Odie's appearance. When Garfield needs a cat to be representative, he picks himself, despite Nermal volunteering at first.

The first reason is given with how animals ask for food following footage of Jon taking a pie out of the oven. In the dog version, Odie circles Jon and barks for the pie until Jon gives in and lets him have it. In the cat version, Garfield steals the pie by using a magnet to pull it by the tin.

The next reason involves cats and dogs with interaction in a slide show. The dog version has Odie doing the activities in question while the cat version has Garfield just sleeping to get out of it.

-Exercise: Odie frolics; Garfield naps
-Playing ball: Odie fetches the ball; Garfield holds up a "NO!" sign
-Going to the store: Odie takes the money in his mouth; Garfield holds up a phone to have Jon call the market and have the groceries delivered

Nermal comes back and begs Garfield to let him on the show. Garfield then puts him in a crate addressed to Abu Dhabi. Garfield then demonstrates fetching the paper. In the dog version, the paper has drool and paw prints and teeth marks all over it. In the cat version, Garfield acts as a paperboy.

The show gets interrupted and Garfield finds that a bunch of angry dogs have been watching and come to complain about how Garfield is lambasting their kind. They threaten him to stop. Nermal breaks free of the crate and demands to explain why cats are superior. Under the threats he just got, Garfield craftilly allows Nermal to take over the show while he and Odie leave. Nermal says all the unkind things Garfield was gonna say, leading to the dogs chasing Nermal out of the studio. Garfield states that he finally found a use for dogs: getting rid of Nermal.


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  • The title of this episode is a play on the phrase "raining cats and dogs", an idiom for when it rains hard.
  • Garfield ends his promise to Nermal in "First Class Feline", with Nermal noting as much.

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