Ready to Party is the second opening theme from Garfield and Friends, which came in two versions.

Like the first theme song, it was written by Desirée Goyette.


Version 1 (Seasons 3-5)

The theme begins the same way as Friends Are There, with Garfield tap dancing across a fence and turning on the Victrola, with an announcer stating "Ladies and gentlemen, Garfield and Friends!". The song starts right after the Victrola is turned on. Clips from several episodes and quickies from the first two seasons are shown, as well as a brief clip from Garfield: His 9 Lives. The title card sequence begins with Booker in the middle of writing "and Friends" under "Garfield" before underlining it. Garfield pops out of the square as the song concludes, says a quip, and waves his finger to close the opening.

Clips used in order

  • Odie riding away in a shopping cart (Don't Move)
  • Garfield panicking (Good Cat Bad Cat)
  • Wade walking with determination (episode unknown)
  • Garfield looking cute (Garfield's Moving Experience)
  • Fred Duck greeting Wade (Shy Fly Guy)
  • Garfield kicking Odie off the table (Forget Me Not)
  • Orson sinking into his waller (Goody-Go-Round)
  • The mice congratulating Garfield (Basket Brawl)
  • Garfield and Binky dancing with the bear (The Bear Facts)
  • Bo listening to his record player (Goody-Go-Round)
  • Orson getting excited (Mud Sweet Mud)
  • A piano falling on Garfield (Monday Misery; used twice in a row)
  • Garfield eating many plates of plates (Nighty Nightmare and The Great Getaway)
  • A big bird landing in Garfield's mouth disguised as a birdbath (A quickie)
  • Orson's friends playing in his waller (Mud Sweet Mud)
  • Nermal bouncing a seven-layer cake (Basket Brawl)
  • Jon's team dancing during the musical number Fight, Fight, Fight
  • Two birds entering a birdhouse on Garfield's head (a quickie)
  • Roy blowing his bugle (Cock-a-Doodle Dandy)
  • Garfield spewing water onto Jon like a fountain (a quickie)
  • Roy going skiing and tumbling {Banana Nose)
  • Odie and Garfield dancing with fruit hats (a quickie)
  • Wade looking frantic (Scrambled Eggs)
  • Garfield dancing in Liz's office (Nothing To Sneeze At)
  • Lanolin pulling on Orson's nose from Booker's disguise (a quickie)
  • Garfield and Odie doing the polka (Don't Move)
  • Wade waking up in shock (Sleepytime Pig)
  • Garfield stomping what is assumed to be Odie in his bed (a quickie)
  • Garfield and Odie seeing each other in the same fairy godmother costume ([[Feeling Feline[[)
  • Wade saving Booker in his musical number (Flop Goes the Weasel)
  • A giant soda can landing on and crushing Garfield (a quickie)
  • Wade being strangled by the South American Duck Choker Vine (a quickie)
  • A pie hitting Garfield in the face in the form of a present (Peace and Quiet)
  • Lanolin stumbling on a rolling pin (Goody-Go-Round)
  • Garfield getting hit in the face with snow (Cabin Fever)
  • Roy getting hit by his own tapioca pudding (National Tapioca Pudding Day)
  • Garfield getting hit with a pie in the fridge (Binky Gets Cancelled!)
  • Garfield getting buried in snow (Cabin Fever)
  • Garfield shoving Odie out of the box (Box O' Fun)
  • Orson, Wade and Booker leaping into each other (Sleepytime Pig)
  • Odie licking Garfield (Ode to Odie)
  • Wade getting hit in the face with a rake (Wanted: Wade)
  • Garfield eating a watermelon (Basket Brawl)
  • A house falling on Wade (a quickie)
  • Garfield sliding down a pole to Orson's farm (Mystic Manor)
  • Odie pouncing on Booker (Flop Goes the Weasel)
  • Booker chasing the worm on Roy's skateboard (Goody-Go-Round)
  • Garfield talking to his doppelgangers (a quickie)

Version 2 (Seasons 6-7)

The theme starts in a theater (a clip from "The Garfield Opera"), with the same sound effects and voiceover as before. Some of the clips from the first version are retained, while others are replaced with new ones from the fifth and sixth seasons, as well as a brief clip from season 2's "Health Feud". The title card sequence is identical that of to Version 1.


Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, Garfield and friends!

Garfield: We're! (we're) Ready! (ready) To! (to) Party!

U.S. Acres gang: We're ready, to party, we're ready!

Garfield: I hope you bring lotsa spaghetti! (I'm scared!)

U.S. Acres gang: Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends! (Let's go!) Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and Friends!

U.S. Acres gang: Dancing! Garfield: Fiesta! U.S. Acres gang: Romancing! Garfield: Siesta! U.S. Acres gang: Samba! Garfield: La bamba! Ay caramba!

Garfield: Disguises! (disguises) Surprises! (surprises) And pies of (and pies of) ALL SIZES!

U.S. Acres gang: Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends! (You bet!) Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and Friends! (Ayy ayy!) Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and Friends! (Ayy ayy!) Garfield and Friends!




Garfield and Friends Theme Song - "Ready to Party"

Garfield and Friends Theme Song - "Ready to Party"


  • The first version of the theme was the only one shown during the show's syndicated run.
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