Ramone (voiced by Jason Marsden) is a competitor in the Fun Fest. He later turns out to be Nermal, when revealed by Garfield. After Nermal is exposed, he is automatically disqualified from the Fun Fest.


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Role in Film

Nermal's Ramone disguise was presumably made and put in storage by Nermal up until Fun Fest. When seeing Garfield turn down Arlene on her Tango routine, Nermal took notice of this and put on his disguise.

Walking into the studio after hearing Garfield argue with Arlene about dancing, "Ramone" offered to be her new partner. Irritated, Garfield allows this and leaves them be.

While performing horribly without Arlene, the Orange feline received harsh insults from Ramone that Nermal gave him when they were driving in the car, as they are the same person. Last was Ramone's and Arlene's dance segment, which they do great in. When everyone leaves, Ramone begins to flirt with Arlene, leaving Garfield in an even more of a tough spot.

The next day, Ramone drives Arlene to the studio, succeeding in making Garfield worried about losing her. After arriving at the studio, Ramone proposes Arlene to star in a romantic comic strip with her. Arlene hesitantly agrees and they pose for the camera. They both spot Garfield and Odie leave after seeing them when Garfield was about to give up on drinking from Freddie the Frog's pond, now going to accept the idea after what he's seen. Ramone laughs at this, while Arlene is nothing but worried.

Later into the day, Charles worries on Garfield's whereabouts, as the main star of their strips needs to be the announcer. Thinking this was his chance to be the star of the comic strips, Nermal, still in disguise, "accepts" to fill the role. As the audience comes in a dusk, Ramone wins them over with his charm.

As it was now Garfield's time to perform, Ramone announces his turn and ques the spotlight on the side, thinking he won't show up. However, Charles, being informed by Eli from Garfield and Odie's unexpected and immediate arrival, lets him know he's here. Surprised and annoyed, Ramone hides his irritation and awaits. But the bottle containing the Funny Water that Garfield stored was broken and gone, so Garfield left, sad that he was expected to be tossed aside by his fans and Arlene. Eli again tells Charles the news to tell Ramone. Delighted, Ramone announces the skipping of the world famous cat's segment and his dance with Arlene. His partner arrives and the two dance. Unbeknownst to them, Garfield watches them from behind the curtain. As he leaves, they spot him, Arlene attempts to reach out to him, but Ramone stops her and forces her to keep dancing.

As the segment goes on, Ramone keeps dancing and spinning Arlene around against her will. As he spins her aside for a brief moment, she is caught by none other than Garfield, who was enlightened by Freddie to not give up, in his tango outfit and ready to dance, much to Arlene's pleasure, and Ramone's dismay. Not wanting to ruin his chances of being the star, Ramone and Garfield duel. In the process, Ramone's clothes and limbs get torn off, exposing his status as a costume/robot, up to the point of having only have one arm and dancing without legs. Fed up with him, Garfield uses Ramone's detached arm to grab his face and rip it off, exposing him as Nermal. As Garfield prepares to presumably beat up Nermal for what he put him through, the crowd cheers for him. Embarrassed, Nermal exists the stage as he is disqualified.

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