"Unless, instead of going out into the world, you bring the world inside! - Garfield

Rainy Days is the thirteenth short from the second season of The Garfield Show. It is shown between Black Cat Blues and The Bluebird of Happiness.


On a rainy day, Garfield asks the viewers if they like rainy days. Suddenly, Odie rolls through the doggie door and does the victory pose . Garfield sniffs him and cover his own nose. Then, Odie shakes the water out of his body, and Garfield covers himself from the water. After that, Odie gets depressed but Garfield tries to cheer him up. Then, Garfield has an idea to watch TV with Odie, so Garfield excitedly skips the living room and hops on his chair, while an unfortunately Odie snatches the remote from him. Odie runs to get his stick and shows it to Garfield, but Garfield doesn't want to play fetch with him, then he tells the viewer that staying in a house from rain is boring, but also talks about "bringing the world inside". Then, Garfield runs to the front door and invites his friends, and tells the viewer to invite friends over to have fun as Arlene kisses Garfield on the cheek and winks at the viewer.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This short reveals Garfield's fear of water.
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