Rainy Day Robot is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Roy volunteers to find water, he buys a robot that can alter the weather. The robot mistakes certain words for commands, getting Roy injured each time.


Orson's brothers disguise themselves as a car in order to steal the crops. They sack Roy and set off the alarm inside the silo. As soon as they escape with the crops, an officer shows up and writes them up for their endeavor, forcing them to think of a new plan to steal the crops. Orson and Roy then argue over who has the harder job on the farm.

Orson and Roy swap jobs for the day: Orson will watch the crops while Roy looks for water. Roy digs everywhere and finds no water at all. A salesman appears and tells Roy how he can make it rain. For that, he offers him a special robot that can make it rain on the fly. All the owner has to do is give an order and the robot will do a rain dance to make it happen. Roy is unpersuaded until the salesman shows him a couple of weather demonstrations. Convinced, Roy purchases the robot.

Roy tries to get the robot to do a rain dance, only to get no response. When he then calls it a "bucket of bolts", followed by an "overgrown vacuum cleaner", it performs dances for those objects to fall on Roy. This leads Roy into saying words that are misinterpreted by the robot for dance commands (e.g. "up a tree"). Meanwhile, Orson's brothers make off with the vegetables in the tractor.

Roy, trying to elude the robot, runs into the brothers; as they are about to pound him, Roy announces "27 pianos". The brothers all repeat the phrase in confusion, causing the robot to drop 27 pianos right on top of them, thus foiling their plan. Orson suggests they go back to their original jobs, while Roy wants to keep looking for water; the latter is hit with a house after saying that he does not need one to fall on him. After that, Roy agrees to trade jobs, causing the robot to do a "trade jobs" dance with unknown results.


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Cultural References

  • The robot beeps the melody of "Charge!" whenever it dances.
  • When Roy is about to get hit by the safe, he holds up a sign that says "OUCH" in a similar fashion to Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes.

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