Quack to the Future is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


After yelling at Wade for a mistake, Orson wishes he could take back what he said. He then wonders what it would be like to travel through time.


Orson is fixing the tractor, and Wade is reading from the manual on how to fix it. He skips a step and Orson gets oil all over him. This causes him to yell at Wade for getting him messy and needing to clean himself up. Wade feels dejected for messing up and Orson feels bad for yelling at him.

Orson goes to the laundry room to get his overalls cleaned. He finds that there is a long line. Booker and Sheldon offer to let Orson use their basket so he can get his overalls cleaned faster. While he is waiting and watching the laundry in the spin cycle, Orson goes into a fantasy.

Years later, the animals have created a real working time machine. They travel a few minutes into the past, which is a previous Garfield segment. They then proceed to the future while Orson sings about what the future may hold. They arrive on the farm, now deserted and barren. They find that Wade is taking off in a rocket to Mars because of Orson scolding him. Orson wants to find a way to prevent Wade from doing so.

In the present, Orson comes to and, after putting his overalls into Roy's load and adding extra soap, finds Wade and apologizes for yelling at him. The washing machine overloads with suds and Orson is left to shovel on his own. Wade joins in to help out his best friend as well as to find his socks.


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  • The photo that was ripped in two during the song is the same picture that was shown at the end of "Mud Sweet Mud".

Cultural References

  • This episode's title is a parody of Back to the Future.


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