Puss In Hi-Tops is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield and Jon star in their own version of Puss In Boots.


Once upon a time, following the death of a miller, his three sons were left with his belongings. Rodney got the deed to his house and half of his wealth. Percival got his cows and the other half of his wealth. Jon got his cat. Although Jon is disappointed with his reward, the cat tells him that he can help him become rich and famous if he does what he says, starting with getting him a pair of hi-tops.

They go to a shoe store and fit the cat into a pair of hi-tops. Now that the cat has his shoes, he will fulfill his end of the bargain. He tricks a flock of birds into a sack to present to the king. When he opens the sack, the birds fly away. For his next attempt, he says his owner is the Marquis of Bijou and pretends that Jon's clothes were stolen while swimming. The king's men tailor a suit for him and the king offers Jon his daughter's hand in marriage if he can slay the ogre that has been terrorizing the village.

They go to the lair of the ogre, and Jon starts to panic over what the ogre could do to him. The cat goes up to the ogre's door, disguised as a survey instructor. The cat challenges the ogre to transform into all sorts of animals, the last being a cockroach, which the cat stomps flat.

Jon is praised with the heroic act and marries the princess, and the cat gives him his bill for what he did. Despite all that, the castle is not in the best condition. The ogre, still alive and in his cockroach form, changes back and chases the cat for stepping on him. The cat runs for his life with help from his new hi-tops.


Main characters

Major characters

  • King
  • Princess
  • Ogre

Minor characters

  • Miller (deceased)
  • Rodney
  • Percival
  • Will reader
  • Cows
  • Horses
  • Shoe maker

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