Pros and Cons is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


When Odie is sent to get groceries, an alley cat tricks him into giving away the money.


After Garfield wins a rigged unnamed game and eats everything in the fridge, Jon sends Odie out to the Grocery Store, but then he gets scammed by a stray cat, and ends up spending all the money on a dirty sock. Garfield goes out to get revenge, and ends up outwitting the cat with play money from the unnamed game, getting all the money back in the process. It ends on Jon going to the store and getting scammed by the cat and Garfield going out to get the money back.


Main Characters

Major Characters


  • Garfield watches his own show to find out what happened to Odie and the grocery money.
  • The board game money that Garfield uses has Orson's face on them.

Garfield and Friends
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