Power Pig is a song Thom Huge sings in Origin of Power Pig. Music and lyrics were provided by Thom Huge and Jon Barnard.


Thom Huge

  • Power Pig! Power Pig!
  • What a big pig!
  • That's Power Pig!
  • This pig is afraid of nothing,
  • Mobster, monster or storm,
  • He dons his cape for justice...

Orson Pig

  • Plus I like the uniform!

Thom Huge

  • He's the dashing and daring hero,
  • Or that's what he'd like to think,
  • But it's just that his cape and goggles,
  • Go exceedingly well with pink.
  • He's a favourite champion,
  • The barnyard's claim to fame,
  • The defender of the defenseless,
  • But he's a little off on his aim.
  • So if you're in a tight spot,
  • And he'd help to save the day,
  • Make sure the spot is not too tight,
  • 'Cause his tummy might get in the way.
  • Tower Pig!
  • I mean: "Shower Pig!"
  • Er, I mean, uh: "Flower Pig!"
  • No it's: "Power Pig!"
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