Polar Pussycat is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield gets lost at the South Pole when he accidentally gets sent to a plane while he takes a nap.


Jon, Garfield and Odie arrive at the airport to catch Jon's cousin's flight in from Mexico. When they get to the metal detector, Odie sets it off due to a steel plate in his head. As they arrive at the gate the plane is supposed to arrive in, the receptionist just laughs at Jon and tells him that it would arrive at 3:00, though not what day at that time. So they are gonna wait a while.

Garfield looks for a place to nap due to the loud intercom going off and finds comfort on some of the language. that luggage heads off for a plane that is due for a flight. Odie takes notice of this and informs Jon that Garfield is taking off on the plane. Jon asks the same receptionist who laughs at him to bring it back, and he laughs some more. He whispers into Jon's ears the plane's destination, much to Jon's horror.

Garfield feels a shiver and gets out of the cargo bay, only to find that he has landed in the South Pole. He walks in the snow and finds a cabin up ahead. The cabin belongs to a French man who has nothing warm to wear. He sees Garfield and decides to pelt him and get something warm out of his fur. Garfield does not like the idea and runs from him by locking him out, disguising himself as a penguin, and freezing him dead in his tracks.

Soon, Garfield finds Jon and Odie have traveled to the South Pole to find him. Odie tries to lick him, with the freezing temperature getting Odie's tongue stuck to Garfield's face. As they get tickets to the next flight back to America, Jon tells the receptionist Garfield and Odie will have to sit next to each other until Odie's tongue thaws.


Main characters

Major characters

Minor characters

  • Security Guard (voiced by Neil Ross)
  • Receptionist (voiced by Gregg Berger)

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