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Pizza is flatbread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and often other ingredients; also one of the Italian cuisine meals that Garfield likes - it makes various appearances in the Garfield franchise, such as in Perfect Pizza.

Garfield is seen liking pizza along with Spaghetti, chicken, pies, donuts and lasagna. Unlike the latter, other characters in Garfield and Friends are also shown enjoying pizza with Garfield.

Nowadays, Garfield is seen eating pizza more often than lasagna, his favorite food. In 20 Years & Still Kicking!: Garfield's Twentieth Anniversary Collection, Jim Davis stated that he wishes he had made pizza Garfield's favorite food rather than lasagna, as he claims that pizza is much easier to draw than lasagna is.


  • In Garfield and Friends and The Garfield Show, Garfield is shown to dislike pizza with anchovies. Penelope Pussycat shares such a taste with him. However, in the comics Garfield is shown to like anchovies on pizza.


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