Pet Matchers is the nineteenthUS/EU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After constant bickering between Garfield and Jon, they go on Pet Matchers to see if they are compatible.


Garfield and Jon are running around the house, arguing over matters such as the last pizza slice. Squeak and Odie are both upset with the duo’s lack of harmony (with Squeak noting that he’s “a sensitive rodent”). Later on, as Garfield and Jon argue over whether to watch a monster movie or a music show, Squeak and Odie get the channel changed to Pet Matchers, a game show that links compatible pets and owners together. Garfield and Jon decide to go on the show to see if they’re compatible for each other, much to the delight of Squeak and Odie.

On Pet Matchers, a computer shows the interests of Garfield and Jon, with the computer ultimately deeming them incompatible. Garfield’s new owner becomes Freddie Applegate, a hyperactive 9-year old, while Jon’s new pet becomes a frog. At the Arbuckle house, Jon and Odie get little activity, and excitement, from the frog; Jon soon decides it is “the most boring pet in the world”. At Freddie’s house, Garfield dislikes living with Freddie, since he can’t get the food he wants and ends up playing games like “Rocket to Mars” and “Cops and Robbers”.

Soon, Garfield and Jon look for each other, and are soon reunited. Meanwhile, Freddie gets the frog as a new pet, while Odie is shown to be happy to have Garfield and Jon back together. As a consolation gift from Pet Matchers, all five of them get “the ideal vacation spot”, which is in an arctic location.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Webster (as camera man)
  • Camera Man 2
  • Penguins


  • The Pet Matchers show was also seen briefly in "Virtualodeon".
  • This episode shows Jon's favorite sport is golf.
  • "The Garfield Show" theme song was heard when Garfield drives the getaway car and again when he and Jon run back to each other.
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