Perfect Pizza is the tenthUS/thirdEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Jon Arbuckle orders a pizza from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace. Garfield, disappointed with it, gets to the bottom of the matter.


At the Arbuckle residence, Garfield and Odie have become impatient waiting for a pizza Jon had ordered. When the doorbell rings, Garfield tackles Jon down to get the pizza and takes it to the dining table. Garfield tries to eat a slice but finds it literally inedible, unable to take a bite. He finds the pizza was made by Mama Meany's Pizza Palace, different from their usual, Vito's Pizza. As Jon had a coupon, he decided to try it. Garfield forces Jon to take him to Vito who reveals business has been terrible because of Mama Meany who offers coupons and prizes.

After Mama Meany appears and offers Jon a coupon for twelve pizzas, Vito protests Meany's way of cooking and shows the group how he traditionally makes pizza. Meany is amused and retorts by showing them his modern and cost-efficient production made in his Pizza Grand 7000. As Garfield inspects the machine, he's sucked into it and molded with the pizza. Jon is unhappy with Meany and proclaims he'll never buy the latter's pizza again but changes his mind when Meany offers discounts and a competition with a big cash prize.

Vito returns to his pizzeria depressed while Meany asserts he will buy Vito's restaurant to tear it down and expand his chain.

Vito gets a call from the famous food reviewer Eddie Gourmand, who makes a deal with Vito: If Vito can get a large pepperoni pizza to his home at 747 Waffle Street in half an hour, and have him like it, Eddie will recommend Vito's pizza to millions. Vito agrees and has Garfield and Jon deliver the pizza (his truck was broken). Mama Meany and his assistant chase after them with their truck. Vito sees them go after Jon, so he gets a ride from a motorcyclist. Once Mama Meany gets to Jon, his truck tries to run Jon's car off the road. Jon recovers, but Mama Meany cuts off Jon, and orders him to relinquish Vito's pizza. Jon tries to play dumb, but Mama Meany isn't fooled. Garfield sneaks into Meany's van and undoes the brake, causing the van to go downhill, making Meany and his henchman go after it and the van crashes, giving Jon a chance to escape. Garfield takes a few of Meany's pizzas, not to eat, but to use as frisbees, to stick to Mama Meany's van's windshield, causing the van to crash into a billboard for Mama Meany's Pizza.

After shaking Mama Meany, Jon's car crashes off-road and lands at Eddie's home. Jon, desperate to reach Eddie in time, runs with the wrong pizza, as Vito comes as well. Jon gives Eddie the pizza and Eddie gives the pizza a negative review, but Garfield offers Eddie the correct pizza, since Eddie realized that the pizza he had was from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace. Eddie eats a slice of Vito's and gives a good review and offers Garfield a slice. Vito becomes very successful, with more customers, and delivery people riding motorcycles. And in return, he lets Jon, Garfield, and Odie have all the free pizza they want. As for Mama Meany, he is thinking of retooling his pizza machine into something that makes steel-belted radial tires (which taste the same as his pizzas).


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  • The background music from the first part of the chase scene was later heard in "Fame Fatale".
    • In the second part of the scene, the show's theme song is played.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Vito's Pizzeria was in its standard theme. Near the end, it was painted with a big neon sign that says "Vito".


  • When the scene cuts to Garfield in the Pizza-grand, his legs are not visible.

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