Peanut-Brained Rooster is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson talks about a time when Roy became obsessed with peanuts.


Orson and the viewer sit down to lunch. Orson tells the viewer what happened to Roy last week.

Orson puts a large basket of peanuts in the barn, telling Wade this is the last of their peanut harvest. Wade asks for a sample and Orson gives him a bag of peanuts. As Wade walks away Roy appears and asks for one Wade doubts Roy can eat just one. Roy convinces him and the duck gives him a peanut. Roy eats it and walks away, thinking incorrectly that he would not want anymore. Meanwhile a generous Wade gives Booker a peanut. Roy appears tells Wade he was right and asks for another peanut. Wade gives him the bag, which is empty. Roy then goes to get more from the barn, only to find that the harvest is gone.

Roy becomes desperate for a peanut and even has a dream sequence where he sings about loving peanuts. Meanwhile Orson follows a trail of peanut shells behind the tool shed to his brothers. After being used as a nutcracker, Orson tells Bo that his brothers stole the peanut crop. Bo whispers something to Roy and the rooster runs to the nuts. Mort, Gort and Wart are disturbed by Roy's crazy behavior and run away. Roy finally got his fill of peanuts. The viewer gives Orson a potato chip and Orson asks for another as the episode ends.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The viewer's lunchbox features Garfield on its side.
  • While searching for peanuts in a hay bale, Roy gets injured when his hand gets poked by a needle. This is a reference to the phrase 'A Needle in a Haystack.'


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