Peace & Quiet is the first segment from the first episode of Garfield and Friends.


After staying up all night watching television, Garfield tries to get some sleep, only to get pestered by Binky the Clown.


Dawn breaks at the Arbuckle household. After Odie wakes Jon Arbuckle up, the latter recalls that he left the television on all night, and finds that Garfield stayed up watching a lengthy documentary on coat hangers. After the program ends, a Binky the Clown commercial appears, promoting his birthday services. Jon turns off the television, puts Garfield to bed, and decides to go shopping along with Odie. Shortly after they leave, Garfield is awoken by a dripping tap, which he quickly plugs with a cork.

He is immediately woken up again by the presence of Binky, who arrives at the house in his loud clown car. Due to a mix-up, he has arrived to wish "Edna Fogerty" a happy ninety-seventh birthday. After Binky breaks into a song, Garfield slams the door on him and goes back to bed. Binky soon returns, waking Garfield with a musical kit. After being sprayed by a squirt flower, Garfield uses a desk chair to push Binky out a window into the trash.

Binky, determined, returns through the chimney as "Santa Clown". He gives Garfield a "Splut" pie, followed by chocolate-covered Tabasco peppers. As this burns Garfield's mouth, the latter runs into the kitchen to get water from the blocked tap. He struggles, but eventually gets it open, sending a gush of water into Binky, who flies out the front door. Realizing Binky will not give up until he has completed his task, Garfield dresses up as an elderly woman, claiming to be Mrs. Fogerty for closure. Binky, pleased, sings his song, provides presents, and leaves.

Relieved, Garfield goes back to bed just as Jon and Odie return home with birthday presents for him. Being tired, Garfield had forgotten it was his birthday. Jon then mentions he had arranged a special birthday surprise, and reveals Binky. Garfield, tired and frustrated, dashes out the house and eventually ends up in the desert, on top of a butte. As he lays down to rest, Binky shows up and proceeds to sing his song repeatedly.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Television Host (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Edna Fogerty (mentioned)


  • This is the first episode of the series to air, although it was part of the fourth show produced.


Garfield and Friends
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