Payday Mayday is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Finagler Fox invades the farm on payday and swindles everyone, while Roy is banished from the farm due to his own prank.


It is payday on the farm, and everyone gets their payment. Roy appears in the line multiple times in order to get more than his usual salary. Orson, upon realizing this, reclaims the extraneous money from Roy and bans him from the farm until he learns his lesson. A fox pops out and thinks he can take advantage of this and swindle everyone's money.

The fox comes up to Wade and tricks him into giving him two ten dollar bills for a five dollar bill. Wade realizes he has been tricked and confronts the fox, who introduces himself as Finagler Fox. He swindles Wade of his money again. Finagler swindles Bo out of his money with a number guessing game and Wade some more with a bet on whether he is a duck or a penguin.

Eventually, everyone gets swindled by Finagler. When Orson is informed of the situation, he looks for Roy. After finding Roy, down in the dumps for being banned, he allows him back on the farm to deal with Finagler's scheme. Roy figures out what to do.

Roy presents a device called a Zippy Chromeflang and is very vague on its capabilities while Finagler is curious on what it actually does. Finagler insists on buying it and pays for it with everyone's salaries. Roy returns them and reveals that there is nothing inside the Zippy Chromeflang.


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