Papa Plastique (voiced by Neil Ross) was a businessman who ran a pizza parlor with terrible tasting pizza in the Garfield and Friends episode Mama Manicotti.

Physical Appearance

Plastique has a black comb back, a small black mustache and sharp teeth. He wears a purple three piece suit, a white shirt, a purple tie and dark gray shoes.


He is shown to be motivated, as he has tried several times to get Mama Manicotti's recipes, as well as telling the private investigator to "do whatever he can" to get the recipes.


Mama Manicotti

Before the episode's main plot, it is revealed that Plastique has been trying to buy Manicotti's recipes for a while. In the episode's story, "Papa Plastique's Pizza Parlor" was first seen when Jon and his pets make a stop for food. They then discover that the food is practically inedible, and leave.

Later, Plastique visits Mama Manicotti and tries to buy her recipes. She refuses, before he claims that her restaurant will soon go out of business, and that she'll "beg" to sell the recipes to him. After leaving, he returns back to his office where he hires a private investigator to try and get the recipes.

After hearing that the investigator tried to steal the recipes, he apologizes to Manicotti about the situation, before, again, trying to buy the recipes off of her, which she refuses. He then strikes a deal with her: if his chefs can't recreate her cooking, he will give her ten thousand dollars. They use Garfield as the taste tester, while Plastique's chefs try to duplicate her spaghetti sauce recipe. They fail each time and Plastique gives in to Manicotti, giving her the ten thousand dollars, leading him to become angry.


Garfield and Friends

Season 4


  • Many older fans believe that Papa Plastique was the inspiration to Mama Meany from The Garfield Show, due to the similarities;
    • Both are the owners of a pizza parlor.
    • Both ran a pizza place where the food is terrible.
    • Both attempt to ruin their competition.
    • Both lost due to Garfield.
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