Orson in Wonderland is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


During a game of croquet, Orson dreams of being in the tale of Alice in Wonderland.


Orson is playing croquet with Lanolin with his ball right next to hers. Lanolin takes her turn and sends Orson's ball clear out of the farm. Orson takes a copy of Alice and Wonderland with him to read as he sees it will be a long walk for him to go and find wherever his ball landed. As he searches and reads, he falls asleep. Wade appears dressed like a rabbit and panicking about being late. Orson wakes up and follows Wade into a hole. Soon, he finds himself in Wonderland.

Orson asks the locals that look just like his friends if they have seen Wade in his costume anywhere, which they laugh at the notion of him in a rabbit suit. The Doorchick tells him that he went to the queen's castle for a game of croquet. They take Orson to the castle where the queen orders everyone to get heads of lettuce to use as balls and carrots for their mallets. Wade rabbit warns Orson that the queen hates to lose. Orson wins and the queen orders for him to be executed. Orson escapes by jumping into a nearby stream and sailing away.

He wakes up and comes up with a plan to send his ball down the irrigation ditch back to the playing field. He digs a pathway in the ditch to the goal peg and wins the game. Lanolin gets angry and starts to chase Orson for beating her as he sails down the stream to escape her wrath.


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