Orson Goes On Vacation is the second segment from the forty third episode of Garfield and Friends.


Wade is left in charge of the farm as Orson leaves for a one-day vacation.


The episode starts with the U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm logo on a white background. The text "Orson Goes on VACATION" appears afterward, with Wade reading it in alarm. He runs to Orson, asking him why is it the name of the episode. Orson responds that it reflects what he is doing- going on vacation. He has put Wade in charge of the farm while he is out, which Wade initially takes without worry.

After realizing that he is in charge of the farm, Wade rushes to Orson, who is waiting at the bus stop. Wade claims that it is a mistake for him to be in charge, a notion Orson dismisses. After Orson races after his bus, having just missed it, Wade tries to cope with the idea of being in charge, which includes singing a song about the predicament.

Once he finished his song, Wade beings to think that being in charge isn't going to be so hard until he's run over by Booker who's chasing a worm. At the same time, Orson's brothers and the Weasel decide to take advantage that Orson is away on vacation and they start stealing the vegetables and chickens. Meanwhile Wade is getting stressed out when trying to settle a disagreement between Bo and Lanolin about where to place a new water well and between Roy and Sheldon after Roy drops a tomato on him causing him to have outbursts. Eventually he encounters both the Weasel and Orson's brothers and tries to stand up to them but it does not work.

Meanwhile Booker is still chasing the worm near the water well and uses a pickax to go after it. The pickax hits the well and clogs it up and bursts the moment Orson's brothers are on top of it. The brothers are caught in the water and eventually land on the Weasel where the vegetables land on Roy (much to Sheldon's amusement) and the chickens are freed. Bo and Lanolin decide to dump the four villains somewhere far away while still disagreeing on where the well should be located.

As Sheldon begins to wonder where did Wade go, Wade is shown to be hiding under a milk pail the whole time. The next day, Orson returns from his vacation and glad to see that nothing bad has happened while Wade was in charge. He then says that next month he'll plan for a week-long vacation and leave Wade in charge to which the duck tells him that he should give someone else a chance at leadership.


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  • In the original version of the episode, the U.S. Acres logo is featured at the beginning of the episode, followed by the title (which is read by Wade). In the international version, the Orson's Farm logo is featured instead.
  • This is the only instance where the Weasel and the Orson's Brothers are seen together.


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