Orson's Diner is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson and Wade start a diner.


Orson is putting his books away in a bookcase, with most of them being "Deja Vu: The Sensation That You Are Doing Something You Have Done Before". Wade Duck arrives, with Orson informing him that he does not have money to buy more books. As he wishes for a way to make money, Orson finds a book titled "How to Start Your Own Restaurant", which inspires him and Wade.

Orson and Wade start "a delightful little diner", with Orson singing a song about it. Soon enough, they get their first customer- Roy Rooster. Upon hearing the restaurant’s offer (“If you can order something we can’t fix, you eat free for a month.”), Roy tries to come up with an impossible meal. His orders include moose stew with chocolate sauce, broiled yak nose with green gravy, and an alligator cheese sandwich with very specific details, all of which Orson and Wade are able to serve him.

As a final attempt, Roy orders an elephant foot sandwich with mustard. Wade secretly tells Orson that they have no elephant feet. The two then try to find an elephant before giving Roy free food. No elephants are found around the barn; before they can give up, a truck for “Binky’s Traveling Circus” stops nearby due to a flat tire. An elephant is let loose as a result, with the truck taking off without him.

Despite their success, Orson notes that he and Wade will not be able to put the elephant’s feet into a sandwich. He plans to hold on to the elephant until the circus returns for him, as well as granting Roy the offer. Upon being told that he is eligible for free food for a month, Roy figures the diner lacked an elephant. Orson then tells them that they have “plenty of elephant”, just no mustard. Roy, shocked at the sight of the elephant in the diner, collapses to the ground.


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  • Among the books that Orson puts away are “A Pictorial History of Pictorial Histories” and “How To Be Your Own Best Friend’s Best Friend”.
  • The cook book that appears at the beginning of the song sequence is “Cook Any Thing” by Betty Porker.
  • Specialties advertised in the song are barbecued ice cream and baked bee’s knees.

Cultural References

  • Among the ingredients Roy wants for his alligator cheese sandwich is “a pickle in the shape of Muncie, Indiana,” the former location of the headquarters for Paws Incorporated.

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