Origin of Power Pig is the second segment from the twenty-seventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tells Wade the story of how he became Power Pig, while his brothers are given an idea for stealing the harvest crops.


After a large fruit and vegetable harvest, Orson assigns Roy to guard the vegetables in the barn in case Orson’s brothers come by (which they do when Roy has his back turned). To cure his boredom during guard duty, Roy convinces Wade that giant knackwursts are attacking. Orson’s brothers overhear this, and then Wart tells them to get giant knackwurst costumes in order to steal the crop.

Meanwhile, Wade states that Orson is much braver than he is because of his being Power Pig, to which Orson replies that he became Power Pig because of his lack of braveness. Orson then flashbacks to how his brothers mistreated him, and that Orson escaped from them via books; reading about comic book superheroes is what convinced him to become Power Pig. After the flashback concludes, Orson assures Wade that anyone can be a superhero.

Orson’s brothers then come back dressed as giant knackwursts (although Mort returns as a Vienna sausage because he couldn’t find a giant knackwurst costume) and approach Roy; then they begin to steal the harvest. When the alarm on the barn goes off, Orson transforms into Power Pig and goes after his brothers, who quickly stuff him into a sack. Wade then begins to run away before he remembers what Orson said about being a superhero; then he transforms into the superhero Wonder Wade.

Wade approaches Gort near a cart of watermelons and easily faints, so the brothers continue stealing. Wade then pulls the brake on the cart, which sends the watermelons down the hill after the brothers and soon carries them away. Orson jumps out of the sack then and commends Wade for getting rid of his brothers; then Roy shows up as a superhero named the Red Rooster, and Wade tells him that he’s too late.


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  • The hardcover book that Orson reads in the flashback is called "Godzilla vs Garfield".


  • When Orson’s brothers approach Roy in their costumes, all three of their respective sets of eyes turn yellow for a split second rather than just Gort's.

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