Orange and Black is the thirdUS/eleventhEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield goes trick-or-treating as Catzilla for Halloween, while the real Catzilla escapes from the zoo.


On Halloween night, Garfield is woken up by trick-or-treaters at the door. He reluctantly answers, and instead of giving, takes some candy from them. Eventually, he eats all the candy from the candy bowl, prompting Jon Arbuckle to go and buy some more. Jon finds that the only candy they have left is some taffy from the previous Halloween, and tells Garfield to not eat them.

Garfield decides he can get more candy by trick or treating, and tries to decide on a costume. He then learns of Catzilla, a feared saber-toothed tiger from the zoo. Garfield makes his Catzilla costume using black paint for stripes and the tusks from a toy walrus as teeth. He then tries to make himself more hostile to fit the personality. He imagines three scenarios with Vito, a gym instructor, and Nermal, the latter of which does the trick.

As Garfield goes out, Jon turns on the television for the news, and discovers that Catzilla has escaped from its cage. Meanwhile, Garfield finds that people are terrified of him, and he is able to get candy easily. People soon report Garfield, and the police arrive to capture him. Garfield manages to escape back home, where he tries to alert Jon. Arbuckle and Odie see him, and assume he is Catzilla. Jon reports the situation, and Garfield is captured to be taken to the zoo. In the commotion, no one except Garfield sees the real Catzilla sneaking into Jon's house.

At the zoo, Garfield tries in vain to escape, until he realizes to take out the "teeth". A zookeeper notices he is not Catzilla, and Garfield is freed. In a panic, he rushes back home to warn Jon and Odie. Meanwhile, Arbuckle goes into his kitchen where he finds Catzilla, and is chased around with Odie. Garfield arrives home shortly and is chased with the other two. Eventually, Garfield throws Catzilla taffy, which shuts the beast's jaws shut. The police soon capture it, and Catzilla is returned to the zoo. The next day, Jon and his pets visit Catzilla at the zoo, while the zookeeper informs them of Catzilla’s diet, which includes various delicious foods. Delighted, Garfield decides to join Catzilla for a meal.


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  • Cartoon Network aired this episode in the U.S. as a sneak preview on Halloween of 2009, two days before the series' official premiere in the country.
  • During the scene where Garfield runs out of the zoo, a hand can be seen waving to the camera.

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