Once Upon a Time Warp is an episode of the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Wade tries to get his five dollars back from Roy, who has owed him that much for the past 14 years. Orson takes Wade on a journey through historical events in an attempt to inspire him with confidence.


Wade comes to talk to Roy about five dollars he lent him 14 years ago, and Roy gets rid of him by telling him a ladybug is approaching (a tactic that has worked ever since). After seeing how hard it is to inspire Wade to be assertive with Roy, Orson takes him back to 1492, the time when Columbus was sailing the world.

Roy soon ends up in the fantasy, where he hears what Orson is doing to help Wade. This inspires him to sabotage the plan. He adds a page to the book falsely stating that Columbus, contrary to his assertion that the Earth is round, sailed off the edge of the world.

Orson quickly changes it to the day the Wright Brothers invented aerial transportation. Roy secretly adds another new page into Orson's book, causing giant space penguins to appear on the Wright Brothers' plane after it takes off. When the page falls out, Orson realizes that Roy has sabotaged his book.

Orson changes the setting to the moon, where Wade is riding a rocket. Orson states that the rocket would home in on Roy until he repays Wade, which he eventually does. After the fantasy ends, everyone is back on the farm, with Roy "borrowing" the five dollars again.

Orson reads brings out a book on dinosaurs, causing Roy to encounter a dinosaur. Roy finally returns the money for good. The moral is, according to Roy, "If you don't repay money you owe, a dinosaur squishes your head."


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Cultural References

  • When Orson discusses Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he recites the famous quote "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

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