Odielocks and the Three Catsis the first segment of the forty-ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tells Odie the story of Odielocks and the Three Cats, which is recognizably a parody of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


One night, Garfield is warming up some lasagna from the microwave. He finds it too hot for him to enjoy it yet. While waiting for the lasagna to cool, Garfield tries to watch television until he sees Odie in his seat. After pulling out the cushion, Odie falls on Garfield to where the cat admits that was not nice. Declaring that they should not watch TV, Garfield suggests reading a story. Odie picks out a book called Odielocks and the Three Cats for him to read.

In the story, Odielocks was a young girl who lived in a rich family, wanting to start a successful business. The problem was that she was not very smart and had trouble finding the right customers. She first went to Cinderella's town and opened a store that sold glass jogging shoes, then went to Snow White's town and opened a Big Man's shop. Neither store took off. Eventually, Odielocks took a walk through the woods so she could figure out her next business idea. The woods meanwhile was home to three cats who lived in a cottage. Realizing that their lasagna was too hot (after the baby cat tasted it), the papa cat announced that they will take a conga in the woods to let their lasagna cool.

A little while later, Odielocks had just came by the Three Cats' cottage, hoping to get directions to the next town. She finds the cottage empty and heads inside. Tired from her walk, Odielocks went to the Papa Cat's chair and sat in it.

Meanwhile, Odie has begun to grow tired of Garfield reading. Odie sneaks away quietly to watch TV. Back in the story, Odielocks turned on the automatic rocker attached to Papa Cat's chair. It sends Odielocks flying through the air. After recovering, Odielocks skips the other two chairs and headed straight for the lasagna. Tasting all three; the first lasagna had too much ricotta cheese in it, the second had overcooked noodles and not enough sausage, and the third was "just right", with Odielocks eating it all. At the same time, Odie goes to the kitchen and eats all of Garfield's lasagna.

Afterwards, Odielocks walked upstairs to take a nap, having gotten tired from eating the lasagna. She first got to the Papa Cat's bed, which was so hard it fell apart the moment Odielocks landed on it. She then went to Mama Cat's bed, which was so soft that it bounced her toward the roof, hitting her head several times. Finally, she landed in the Baby Cat's bed, which was just right and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the three cats have returned from their conga when they saw that their house was ransacked. They eventually find Odielocks in the Baby Cat's bed. Papa Cat gives her the bill for coming in since he worked in a motel earlier. Seeing this, Odielocks gets an idea of creating a hotel, and with her money and the cats' knowledge, she was finally able to have a successful business. Sometime later they ended up suing each other.

With that, Garfield finishes the story. He becomes surprised to see that Odie ate his lasagna and sleeping in his bed. Garfield then remarks that Odie is not as dumb as he looks.


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  • This episode is a parody of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".
  • The small Papa Cat and gigantic Baby Cat are similar to the Looney Tunes version of the Three Bears.


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