Odie the Amazing is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Odie finds a magic wand tossed away by a magician. Garfield and Odie think that it is merely another stick.


Odie wants to play fetch with Garfield, who is too busy taking his nap. He tells Odie that he will throw it once and after that, Odie must leave him alone. He agrees and Garfield throws it far away. Odie goes to get the stick while a magician drives by and tosses his wand out of his car, quitting magic. Odie finds the wand and thinks it is the stick. A magic top hat appears and a rabbit comes out and takes the wand. Odie chases it until he gets the wand that he thinks it is his stick.

When he comes back, Garfield tells him that he is not going to throw it again because he told him it was only once. Unknowingly, the wand's magic causes Garfield's bed to levitate into the air. He falls out and goes to the kitchen to get a doughnut while walking under a camel that the wand brought into the house. The camel vanishes and the wand turns Garfield's doughnut into a frog.

Garfield thinks Odie is messing around with him and chases him. The wand creates a brick wall that Garfield runs into. He corners Odie in the closet and the wand summons a tiger that chases him around. The tiger vanishes as Jon comes home as Jon says to himself he will never understand anything in the house. Garfield grabs the wand and scolds Odie all while taking them to other places. Garfield realizes that he has the power of the wand and imagines what he can do with it.

He can have whatever he wants for dinner, turn Monday into Christmas Day, get rid of all of the characters he abhors, and put his show on every channel whether people want to watch it or not.

He gives himself a tux and a hat, causing the rabbit to appear and take the wand; he then brings up a rocket and flies away. Garfield laments his loss and Odie brings numerous sticks inside. Garfield plans to keep accepting games of fetch with Odie until another wand appears.


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