OdieBoy is SuperGarfield's sidekick in comics, who has so far only appeared in 2008 and 2010 comic strips.

In 2008, Supergarfield sheds on Odieboy.

In 2010, Odieboy falls asleep, with Supergarfield complaining that it was his power. He is later "held captive by his archival... the leash!" In actuality, he was tied to a tree by a leash. Odieboy and Supergarfield later ate some pizzas and got sick.

The Amazing Flying Dog

The Amazing Flying Dog

In "The Amazing Flying Dog", Odie dreamed about himself as The Amazing Flying Dog, saving a black poodle from danger. However, Garfield keeps waking him up from his dreams, much to his chagrin. The Amazing Flying Dog was always just a fantasy, but Odie gained the ability to fly later in the episode. The whole episode turned out to be a dream of Garfield's, but The Amazing Flying Dog showed up in outer space, suggesting it might not have been a fantasy. In "The Caped Avenger Rides Again!", Odie's appearance changed to that of The Amazing Flying Dog's during Garfield's fantasy.

The Amazing Flying Dog had the power to change into his costume by spinning on his heel, and, as evidenced by his name, can fly. He is also strong enough to lift a car and can fly as fast as the aforementioned car, can shoot lasers from his eyes and breath super-cooled air, and can stretch his tongue very far. His tongue is strong enough to lift another dog.

The Amazing Flying Dog's superhero name may not be The Amazing Flying Dog. For one, when a superhero is called "The Amazing" it is usually just a title, suggesting he may just be called "Flying Dog". Also, the logo on his costume is an "O" just like Odie's name, so Odie may not have a name for this persona besides his own name. Finally, in "The Caped Avenger Rides Again!", Garfield called The Amazing Flying Dog "Slurp", the name of the Caped Avenger's sidekick.


Further information: Odious


He is the Pet Force counterpart of Odie and has the powers of a super-stretchy stun tongue, an incredible drool capacity, possible immunity to Starlena's song, and superhuman strength. Odious is mute and rather stupid, not unlike his alter ego.

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