Ode to Odie is the third segment from the third episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tells a rap-style poem about Odie, in which the latter tries to get his bone back from a large male dog and his female companions.


At the Arbuckle residence, Garfield begins to tell a poem about Odie:

One Sunday morning, Garfield plans to sleep until Monday, before being bothered by Odie. Odie licks Garfield which prompts the cat to dry himself off. Afterward, Garfield plans to hurt Odie with a newspaper, before getting the idea to trick the latter. He throws Odie's favorite bone outside and locks the door behind. Odie realizes the door is locked, and decides to go into an alley.

Odie finds a trio of dogs, one male and two females, before planning to make friends. They throw a banana peel on his head and insult him, before the male (named Butch) steals his bone. Odie plans to take back it back, but is kicked into a pond. One of the female dogs states she is not amused and scolds Butch. Odie returns and is thrown by Butch into clothing on clotheslines. The other female dog is now unamused and tells Butch to stop, which he shrugs off. Butch then finds that the female dogs have gone with Odie, who soon walk him home, where they have fun together.

As Garfield finishes his poem, he gets stuck in the blind.


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  • Pooky is briefly seen at the beginning of the episode, only colored yellow.


  • When the bully dog first appears alongside the two girl dogs, the poodle who is fanning the bully dog is missing the wrist tuft on her fanning arm.


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