Nothing To Be Afraid Of is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


The farm animals try to find something that Wade is not afraid of.


Roy is bored and has nothing to do. He thinks about doing something constructive or playing a rotten trick on Wade. Knowing him, it is obvious he goes with the trick. He tells him that giant lobsters from outer space are invading, being the 14th prank he pulled on the craven waterfowl. When Wade tells Orson about a 628, Orson checks Wade's worry files and picks out the wrong one for a 629: "Living radioactive saltines from Saturn invading our tomato soup", and Wade hands him the right file. When Orson reads this, he disciplines Wade over all the crazy things he could possibly fear, such as the pimentos in olives staring at him, the entire nation of Paraguay talking about him behind his back, and staplers spying on important paper work so they can take over the world. This leads to Wade singing a song about fearing every single little thing in the world.

Orson decides to find something that not even Wade could possibly be scared of with the help of the others. Booker and Sheldon offer him a flower, but it has a bee on it. Roy shows him a rock and asks what is so scary about one, and Wade tells him that it could crush him while giving a demonstration. Lanolin tries a bone, but a dog bites him when he holds it.

At his wit's end, Orson gives up in trying to find something, anything Wade could not be scared of, but Bo plucks a feather from the duck and shows it to him. Wade sees no harm from the feather and finally starts to feel less frightened. However, once he discards it, the feather causes a chain reaction of events that strikes fear into both Orson and Wade's eyes, leaving them both terrified at the thought of a 746. Roy checks the files to see what a 746 is, but keeps pulling out the wrong one, such as a 647: "Giant flying submarine sandwiches dive bombing us with salami", a 467: "Attacked by legion of crazed Pat Sajak impersonators", and the final one before the cartoon ends, "Being used as couch by extremely fat person".


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Dog
  • Cow
  • Crow
  • Rabbit



  • It is unknown what number the worry of being used as a couch by an extremely fat person is, but it is likely that is the wrong worry Roy looked up and was not the 746.

Cultural references

  • One of Wade's worries mentions Pat Sajak.

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