No Laughing Matter is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy's often reviled joke books may be the only thing that can stop a group of aliens from stealing all of the world's humor.


Wade crashes into Orson during one of his usual frenzies, and Orson believes he is overreacting until he learns that Roy has a new joke book. After the rest of the gang also learns this, they all try to hide from Roy and his bad jokes. They hide on top of a big hill until Roy is out of sight; then everyone except Wade goes back. Wade is then startled when a flying saucer hovers over him.

Three large aliens beam down from the saucer as Roy (who is eating a banana), Booker and Sheldon walk up, and the aliens inform them that they have come for Earth’s humor because humor is a powerful weapon on their planet, and they claim that it is of no practical use to earthlings and start up a humor suction machine. Orson tries to remedy this by having everyone read jokes from Roy’s joke books, but none of the jokes make the aliens laugh.

Roy then finishes his banana and throws the peel down; then he trips over the peel, which makes the aliens finally laugh. They then disintegrate, and the flying saucer takes the humor suction machine and goes away. The gang is pleased that humor is saved, but then Roy tells another bad joke, suggesting it was too late.





  • At the beginning of the episode, Orson’s lips do not move when he sings part of the series’ theme song.
    • Booker’s lips also fail to move when he worries, “Roy has a new joke book?”


Orson: What will the world be like without laughter?

Wade: A lot like cable TV.

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