Night of the Living Laundromat is the first segment from the sixty-third episode of Garfield and Friends.


In "Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff", Garfield tells the story of an alien from space eating clothes around the town.


At the house of Mrs. Ethel Fasenblat, her washing machine has just completed its last spin cycle and she adds another load inside, only to find that the first load has disappeared. As she prepares to put in the second load, purple arms come out of the washing machine and steal the basket, making her scream and run before the washing machine glows.

Once a week at the Arbuckle house, Jon Arbuckle does his laundry. At one point, he is forced to get a new washing machine due to Garfield filling the old machine with vegetable beef soup. Jon finds an ad in the newspaper for a used washing machine before phoning. At the house of Mrs Fasenblat, she gives Arbuckle the washing machine for free. Over the weeks, Jon's clothes begin disappearing, prompting Jon to shrug off the idea of the washing machine eating the clothes. He soon hears a voice asking for more socks, which he ignores.

In the nighttime, a creature leaves the washing machine, and eats Jon's bed sheet and pajamas. Odie picks up the scent of the creature before he shows Jon and Garfield the basement door. Garfield tries to get Odie down to the basement, before the latter outsmarts Garfield, leaving the cat to meet the creature. The Creature tells Garfield that it only eats clothes. After finding Jon's old clothes, it runs away in disgust after eating a plaid vizur suit.

The trio wonder if it was a dream; in the morning, they find that the town is also missing clothing. This prompts Arbuckle and his pets to speak to the mayor, who does not believe them. She plans to assign a special task force before finding that their clothes have also been eaten. She orders that everyone in town wear plaid vizur suits, thanks to Garfield. The creature leaves the planet due to starvation, and Jon gets a new wardrobe. Garfield gets a plate of socks as a reward, which he throws at Arbuckle. Garfield warns the viewer that they can assume the worst if they find two mismatching socks.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Mrs Ethel Fasenblat (voiced by Julie Payne)
  • Mayor (voiced by Julie Payne)
  • Clothing Theft Task Force
  • Miss Offcamera (mentioned)
  • Townspeople


  • One of Jon's shirts has Orson's face on the front.
  • Throughout the episode, Jon puts in 9 shirts, 3 pairs of pants and 10 pairs of sock. After every load, the number of shirts decrease by 3, the number of pants decrease by 1 and the number of socks decrease by 3 (after the second spin they are decreased by 4).

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