Nice to Nermal is the forty-fifthUS/forty-fourthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After being mistreated by Garfield, Nermal hides Pooky and blackmails Garfield to be nice to him so he will give him back.


Jon is vacuuming the house as part of his spring cleaning, which disturbs Garfield's nap. Jon moves on to do the laundry and Garfield resumes his nap. Nermal then makes a surprise visit and greets Garfield, who eventually throws him into the trash can. 

Back in the house, Jon cleans Garfield's blanket and leaves Pooky on the table. Pooky falls off and lands in a box of garbage, resulting in Jon unknowingly throwing the teddy bear out. Nermal, upon finding Pooky, figures out a way to make Garfield treat him better. 

Inside, Garfield tries to look for Pooky; he eventually finds out that that Nermal has hidden Pooky. Garfield tries in vain to chase him threatening to mail him to Abu Dhabi. Nermal gets Garfield to be nice to him for the rest of the day in order to get Pooky back. As a result, Garfield lets Nermal sleep in his bed and eat his snacks, as well as tell him that he is the cutest kitten in the world. When Nermal eats Garfield's lasanga, Garfield finally has had enough and decides to strike back. 

Garfield sends an invitation to Drusilla and Minerva, who arrive and start smothering Nermal with makeup and baths. Garfield refuses to do anything unless Nermal tells him where Pooky is. Nermal tells Garfield that Pooky is in a hollow tree in the backyard. Garfield retrieves Pooky and is about to save Nermal, only to see that Nermal has gotten his comeuppance. As Nermal angrily storms out of the house, now covered in makeup and hair accessories, Garfield figures that everything is settled until the twins show up to give Garfield a makeover.


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  • Pooky was hidden in the hollow tree where the squirrels from "Up a Tree" live.


  • When Odie says "Oh, no!", his mouth does not move.
  • When Nermal tries to get out of the bath, he looks off-model. 

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