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Neferkitty was a High Priestess for the cat god Cat-Ra. She was very ambitious of power, since they once controlled humanity. Eventually humans rebelled against them and they were banished through a magical portal.

Odie licked the portal, which Liz brought as a gift thinking it was mirror for Jon, on her trip to Egypt.

In the episode Garfield and Odie enterd the portal where they were proclaim pharaohs of Egypt. After escaping with Garfield and Odie Neferkity, Liz's niece calls Neferkitty Fuzz button

Neferkitty bears some resemblances to Arlene, but their personalities are completely different.

Her name is a play on Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife (that is, queen consort) to the pharaoh Ahkenaten.


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