National Tapioca Pudding Day is the second segment of the eleventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


Roy creates a fake holiday to disguise his latest prank on Orson.


Roy cooks some tapioca pudding, then places it into a spring-loaded box and gift-wraps it. He announces his plot: to have Orson open the gift and get a face full of tapioca pudding. He finds Orson and gives him the box, telling him that it is National Tapioca Pudding Day. He explains National Tapioca Pudding Day as a holiday when friends give each other a box of tapioca pudding as a sign of appreciation. Orson feels bad since he has not gotten Roy anything, to which Roy reacts with faux insult; he quickly runs off before Orson can open the box, peeking behind a tree.

Just before Orson opens the box, he decides to get Roy a gift and runs off. Meanwhile, Wade tries to fight his shadow, only to get literally thrown away by it. After meeting with Orson, Wade finds out about National Tapioca Pudding Day. When Wade states that holidays are simply for presents, Orson sings a song to about how holidays are more meaningful than that. He then gives Wade the tapioca pudding as a token of friendship and leaves. Wade appreciates the gift and, like Orson from earlier, feels bad that he does not have any pudding to give to Orson.

Meanwhile, Booker chases after the worm, while Sheldon watches. After getting the worm into a wormhole, Booker then uses a hose in an attempt to flush him out, which backfires. When Wade encounters the chicks, he explains to them his predicament involving National Tapioca Pudding Day (as well as the notion of the holiday). They suggest that he simply rewrap the pudding that Orson had just given him. They then get an idea for themselves. Wade walks past Roy with the rewrapped gift, with the latter assuming that it is for him. After finding out the present is for Orson, he gets jealous and confronts Orson and Wade. Orson then gives Roy the present as a token of friendship. Roy opens it, remembering that he started the prank just before he gets hit in the face with tapioca pudding.

Booker and Sheldon then walk up with a present for Orson. Upon seeing it, Orson and Wade worry that it is more pudding. The chicks open the box and present Orson with a bunch of flowers that they had picked. Orson wonders why, noting that it is not his birthday or a holiday. The chicks point out that one can do something nice for someone else on any occasion.


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  • Roy hums the theme song at the beginning of the episode.


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