Nathan is a child neighbor of Jon Arbuckle, known for making scientific projects with diabolical intentions. He is introduced as a new neighbor in his first appearance. His only known relative is his mother.

His first plot, after briefly adopting Odie, was to turn Odie into a cockroach. However, Garfield and Squeak foiled the attempt, which resulted in Nathan falling into his own trap.

He later came up with devices to change size, control minds, create invisibility and give nightmares, all of which he used against Garfield. Garfield manages to use his devices against him in revenge.

He is known to be Garfield's nemesis.

He was briefly the owner of Mrs. Ferret.


Nathan is a boy with brown hair and wears glasses. In his normal clothes, he wears a dark blue shirt, a purple pants and red sneakers. In his scientist form, he wears a lab coat, headgear and blue gloves.


Nathan at first to Garfield and Odie was a nice kid but in his true form he is shown to be an evil scientist.


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  • Many older fans believe that Nathan is based on Roscoe, the son of Jon's cousin from the classic Garfield and Friends episode "Brain Boy" who is also a genius and torments Garfield.
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