Nadia is one of the antagonists in Garfield's Feline Fantasies.

Physical Appearance

Nadia has curly orange hair, eyelashes and green eyes. She wears light blue eye shadow, red lipstick, a gray trench coat, a gray hat with a black ring around it, a blue dress and black high heels.

When pretending to be a waitress, she wears a beret, a long red and white shirt, black pants and black shoes.

While on a plane, she pretends to be an air hostess, wearing a turquoise coloured uniform with a turquoise coloured hat.


Nadia first appears when Lance Sterling and Slobberjob are perused by people in Istanbul. She claims that her headquarters has sent her to protect them but Lance tells her to leave. She met them again in Paris, claiming again that she is protecting them. She warns Lance, telling him that Fat Guy and Rameet are in the country. On a plane to South America, Nadia is seen, dressed as an air hostess. She then appears in the temple in the Amazon rain forest, and traps Sterling and Slobberjob in nets. Lance Sterling asks her why she wants the banana to which Nadia reveals that she is from Moldavia, and that her country is very poor so in order to make money, the country decided to encourage tourism. They needed the Banana of Bombay to attract and to open a fruit stand. Lance Sterling claims it to be the dumbest excuse he has ever heard before she reminds him that it is his fantasy. Before she can leave, Fat Guy and Rameet appear behind her, take the Banana of Bombay and tries to push her down into lava. Lance Sterling helps her up and they escape the destruction of the temple. Nadia and a few others, fight over the Banana but Sterling and Slobberjob foil them by slipping them with the banana's peel making them slip into the river.


TV Specials

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