The Mystery Guest Theme is a song Roy Rooster sings as the theme for his show "Mystery Guest" in the Garfield and Friends episode, Mystery Guest.


Roy Rooster

  • Can you guess the mystery guest?
  • Take a shot and give it your best
  • If you need help, I'll give you a clue
  • He's not a singing raisin, and his not painted blue
  • If you're at home, and you've got the gall
  • Pick up your telecan, and give us a call
  • Use your brain, but wait, that's not fair
  • I forgot that there's nothing there!

Later reprise

  • Now you've seen the prize you could win
  • The telecans are ringing; you'd better call in
  • Alright, I'll give you just one more hint
  • He never has any bellybutton lint
  • Okay, time's up, give me your guess
  • Who do you think it is, more or less?
  • What's taking so long? My hints are the best
  • Can you guess the mystery guest?!
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