Mystery Guest is the second segment from the fiftieth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Roy hosts a game show where contestants call in to guess who a mysterious visitor is with the prize being the farmer's tractor.


Wade is working as hard as he can to play grow his own garden and is jealous over how easily Bo can accomplish the task. Bo mixes many seeds together and grows a salad bar. With that, Wade decides to give up.

Meanwhile, Roy tells Orson that it is time for The Mystery Guest Game and explains the rules of the game via song. He then tells his announcer, Fred Duck, to reveal the prize, which happens to be the farmer's tractor. Orson is outraged that Roy would consider giving it away, with Roy assuring him that nobody will win the game and claim it.

After Fred is done, he flies off and Roy brings out the Mystery Guest, who happens to be a familiar fat orange cat wearing a blindfold. Before Orson can say who it is, Roy urges him not to give it away. Orson claims nobody is dumb enough not to know who the guest is. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers watch the show and plan to steal the tractor while no one is looking.

Many viewers call in to guess who the guest is, with none of them getting it right (including Jon Arbuckle). Orson's brothers ambush Roy up and make off with the tractor. Bo stops them by growing a stop sign and the impact from hitting the breaks shoots them off into the trough nearby. Orson and Bo lock the tractor up and the three pigs attempt to win the game in order to get it.

With the show being out of time and no more calls coming in, Roy reveals that the guest was Garfield. Orson's brothers try guess who it is despite Roy telling them they are too late. They make numerous guesses of famous people and celebrities to no end.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Cultural references

  • During the Mystery Guest theme song, Roy sings that the guest is not a "singing raisin" or "painted blue", while holding up posters of respective silhouettes of one of the California Raisins and one of the Smurfs.
  • One of the contestants guesses that the mystery guest is Yogi Bear.


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