My Fair Feline is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield wanders into an alley where an animal trainer makes a bet with a friend about on being able to train an alley cat.


Jon puts Garfield out of the house for using his electric blanket as a grill to cook blueberry pancakes. Garfield looks around town for something to eat.

Cat trainer Professor Lamar is showing off some of his finely bred cats and the talent he has trained them in. His acquaintance notices that they are all of a fancy breed, and Lamar states he can take any cat and turn it into a proper one, even one that was picked up from an alley; they hold a bet where the winner gets $1,000. They spot Garfield, who is dining on what he finds in the trash, and they pick him as the one that will be trained.

Lamar shows Garfield the dinner table and all the utensils he has to take into account. The butler brings a bowl of soup and Garfield places the entire contents in his mouth and gargles it up. He then eats the roast that he is given and belches, putting Lamar in a tight spot with what he has to work with. He tells Garfield to wash himself. Garfield goes to take a shower, and Lamar tells him that he is supposed to use his tongue to wash himself, which Garfield finds disgusting.

A news crew is right outside getting ready to interview Lamar and notice him licking himself. Lamar tells them to come back later so he can finish training Garfield. He takes him to his finest trained cats who reveal that they are tired of being well-mannered and poised. Garfield shows them the wonders of lasagna by making an order to an Italian restaurant nearby.

Lamar prepares to show his cats and Garfield while they are eating lasagna in a sloppy manner. They later watch television with Garfield. He loses the bet, his school is ruined, and the press will to air what they have filmed. He takes off his girdle and eats what is left of the lasagna. Garfield leaves and comments on Lamar's manners deteriorating.


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Cultural References

  • The title and plot of this episode spoof My Fair Lady.
  • One of the workers at Luigi's Drive Thru Lasagna is named Mario. This may be an allusion to Mario and Luigi from the Mario video game series.

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