My Cousin Petunia is an episode from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield, Odie and Squeak help Drusilla and Minerva deal with a bully.


Garfield and Odie wake up to the sound of Jon cleaning the house and getting the guest room ready for Drusilla and Minerva before they arrive. Much to their dismay, the cousins arrive - depressed. Fearful for their lives, Garfield and Odie attempt to mail themselves to South America, only to find Nermal breaking free of the box they were supposed to ship themselves in - Garfield forgot to mail him to Abu Dhabi the week before the twins arrived. After learning of their arrival, Nermal flees to said location via the mailman. "Coward."

Jon tries to get the twins active in their usual activities, but to no avail. In the end, he packs their favorite sandwiches and send them off to the playground in the park while he gets the rest of the house ready. Puzzled by the twins' depression, Garfield and Odie trail behind to see what is going on. Soon enough, they find the twins being bulled by Greta - first taking their sandwiches and eating them, only to spit them out (Greta hates mustard), and then having the twins carry her to the playground. There is nothing in the world that Garfield hates more than bullying, (except anchovies on pizza) so Garfield and Odie follow them to the park only to come to a halt. Any pets in the park, and they will be thrown into the pound, so in order to help them now, Garfield has to get a little creative with Odie, so they retreat back to the Arbuckle Residence.

The very first step of Garfield's plan involves a sandwich with plenty of mustard, which he makes in light of knowing what Greta hates. Knowing Drusilla and Minerva left suitcases full of clothes to dress the boys up in, comes the next step in Garfield's plan: dressing the both of them up to human height, to which Odie agreed. The end result of it causes Squeak to faint for the first time.

Fast-forwarding to the park, they were let inside, and they confront Drusilla, Minerva, and Greta. Drusilla and Minerva instantly recognize Garfield; to deceive Greta, he was given the nickname Petunia. When Greta asks "Petunia" if "she" brought anything to eat, Garfield complied happily, giving Greta the sandwich he made earlier. Greta puts the sandwich in her bag, claiming she will eat it later, as she plans to play in the bouncy-castle. After witnessing Greta bully, Garfield comes up with another step in his plan - popping the bouncy castle she is bouncing in. This turns into a circus act for a while for Drusilla and Minerva. Greta does not have time for circus acts, as she plans to go down the slide next.

After witnessing Greta bully again, this time with stealing a lollipop, Garfield hears from Drusilla and Minerva that Greta gets away with everything because no one scares her. Garfield then sparks another part of his plan - he brought Squeak and his gang along to scare the heck out of Greta. This leads Drusilla and Minerva to realize that bullies are full of hot air, causing Greta to walk away. Since the ordeal did make Garfield at least a little bit sorry for Greta, he and Odie see what she is up to.

With Drusilla and Minerva trailing behind Garfield and Odie, it is revealed to the four that Greta bullies the twins because she is currently in their shoes. Greta's bullies - a gang of boys - take her sandwich Garfield gave her earlier, and separate it into three parts, eating them, and then spitting them out, similar to what Greta did to the twins' sandwiches. Remembering the fake magic trick Mrs. Cauldron gave the twins, Drusilla and Minerva get an idea to scare Greta's bullies off - the belief of transforming them into animals. Garfield and Odie help in on the act, and sure enough, they run away. Greta, at that point, gains new friendships with the twins, as they hang out at Jon‘s house shortly after. Garfield, Odie, and Squeak watch them in pride knowing that their mission's accomplished. Garfield realizes that, “Most bullies bully because they don't know how to be liked. They learn that, they don't have to be bullies anymore."

Shortly afterwards, Herman Post delivers a package straight to Garfield - Nermal came back from Abu Dhabi. Garfield then sheds some light on the situation that unfolded while Nermal was gone, and declares that he is not going to go into his usual habits that involve abusing the little kitten. Knowing Garfield all too well, that will not last long.


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  • This episode takes place after "Which Witch", when the twins try to use fake magic they learned from Mrs. Cauldron to scare Greta's bullies away.
  • It is revealed that Garfield does not like bullying, as it reminds him of some of the bad things he does.

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