Mummy Dearest is the season two finale of Garfield and Friends.


During a visit to the museum's Egypt exhibit, Garfield falls unconscious and dreams he is in ancient Egypt.


At the history museum, Dr. Carin is giving a tour of the history of Egypt. He explains how cats used to be treated like royalty in ancient times, which Garfield likes the sound of. He looks at some of the food at a display of an old Egyptian dinner table only to found the food is not real. He sits on the pharaoh's dining throne and falls over, knocking himself out. They bring him to the infirmary to see how he is doing.

Garfield dreams about old Egypt, where he is the cat of the pharaoh. The royal adviser plans to overthrow the pharaoh by getting rid of the cat, the source of his luck. He lies to the cat about the pharaoh wanting to meet him in the pyramid, which the cat agrees to.

The cat arrives at the pyramid and the royal adviser and his henchman seal him inside. As the cat looks for the pharaoh, he is ambushed by the mummy of Odiehotep who licks him. The mummy dog chases the cat through the pyramid and the cat tricks the dog into fetching a stick he finds and throws. The mummy's size crashes through the wall and the cat escapes.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, the royal adviser and his henchman start to overthrow the pharaoh. The mummy then enters the palace with the cat riding on him. This causes the two traitors to make for a getaway. The cat stops them by lassoing them with the mummy's bandages, saving the pharaoh's luck. The mummy licks the cat some more.

Garfield wakes up and finds that he is back in the present. Dr. Carin asks if Garfield always acts peculiar. Garfield runs into Odie who is covered in bandages he was playing with and thinks he is the mummy and runs away in fear. Jon answers Dr. Carin's question by saying it is how Garfield normally acts.


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