Much Ado About Lanolin is the second segment from the forty-sixth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson puts on a imaginary play of The Taming of the Shrew, with an imaginary Lanolin as the Shrew.


Roy, Wade, Bo, Booker, and Sheldon are laying around with nothing to do. Lanolin walks up to them and looks at them with disappointment. She questions them not doing their chores and disagrees with what Bo has to say. As she walks off, Orson comes by with an idea by showing them a book on Shakespeare's works.

With use of their imagination, they turn the barn into their stage and imagine themselves wearing Shakespearean clothing for their roles. Orson chooses The Taming Of The Shrew for their performance and need Lanolin for the part. They imagine up a Lanolin and start the show.

Wade comes out and accidentally recites the famous Hamlet speech. Roy and Orson come onto the stage and arrive at the home of Lanolin's character. She is a very shrill woman. Wade then appears dressed as Julius Caesar and recites a quote from the play of the same name. The imaginary Lanolin chases Orson's character around trying to clobber him until he tells her that he likes her for who she is. This causes the imaginary Lanolin to calm down and the play ends.

The real Lanolin shows up wondering what they are doing. They tell about the play they performed and state that they like her. For that, she tries to be nicer to them from now on as they walk into the sunset. Wade appears to recite more Shakespeare quips, even as the cartoon irises out, until a vaudeville hook takes him away.


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