Mrs. 'Esther' Cauldron is a witch and neighbor of Jon Arbuckle.

Every witch way (2)

Mrs. Cauldron with Winona

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Land of Hold

Every Witch Way

The Smartest Dog in the World

Bride and Broom

Bewitched: Familiar, Familiar

Bewitched: Witches Just Wanna Have Fun

Bewitched: The Heartless Witch

Bewitched: Bewitched & Bewildered


The Garfield Show

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  • Mrs. Cauldron's first name is Esther, as shown in part one of "Bewitched".
  • In "Bride and Broom", it was revealed that she is 300 years old.
  • June Foray won her first Emmy Award for her performance as Mrs. Cauldron.
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