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Mr. Baggett (voiced by Paul Winchell) is owner of the Food Monster Supermarket.

Physical Appearance

More to Come.


Despite owning a superior supermarket compared to Gramps, Mr. Baggett is cunning, deceitful and manipulative especially concerning his deals and offers. He can easily persuade people into coming to his market even though his deals are much more expensive and his food is low quality. His fatal flaw in the end is his pride as he was overconfident that people would not realize his scheme that he did not realize that Garfield managed to expose his con secretly until he saw the customers leaving.


Supermarket Mania

Baggett first appears in Gramps's Supermarket where he tries to get him to sell his store to make more parking spaces. He then notices Jon and easily persuades him to shop at his supermarket with offerings of coupons, specials and contests. Secretly though he rigged his supermarket to get more cash out of customers, from making the cart wheels crooked, arranging the sizes of his supplies and offering specials that are actually more expensive than the original price. Later Garfield and Jon see Baggett chasing Odie with a broom after Odie accidentally dropped a bag of flour on him promoting the cat to rescue Odie and making a mess in the supermarket. Baggett eventually catches the two and complains about them to Jon where Jon complains that his prices are too high even with his offers. Baggett then brags that the customers are too ignorant to realize the scams unaware that Garfield put a microphone next to him which exposes his schemes to the customers. Once they hear everything, the customers leave to shop at Gramp's much to Baggett's shock. He is last seen trying to offer the customers more deals to no avail. It was possible The Food Monster went out of business afterwards and had to find another job.


Garfield and Friends

Season 4


  • His name is meant to sound similar to the phrase “bag it.”