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[[Category:The Garfield Show Episodes]]

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The Garfield Show
Season 1, Episode 1 b
Air date November 2, 2009
Written by Mark Evanier
Production # 104
Pasta Wars
Orange and Black

Mother Garfield is the second episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.



Garfield and the baby bluebirds

When Garfield chases the mother bluebird, he realized that she has baby birds, so he has to protect them from being eaten by Harry while the mother is locked up in a garage.


Garfield wakes up to the sound of Harry looking through the trash for leftovers (which are practically unheard of in the Arbuckle household). Harry then tells Garfield of his interest in a bluebird, with Garfield telling him of his lack of interest in bird chasing. Garfield then lets Harry go after the bluebird, which he misses.

Garfield then decides to try out bird chasing himself, going after the same bluebird as before, but has no more luck than Harry did before. Eventually, he resorts to waiting on the branch where the bird's nest and eggs are located. Unbeknownst to him, the mother bluebird winds up locked in a neighbor's garage. At nightfall, Garfield goes back into the house, where Jon and Odie are watching a documentary on birds hatching eggs. Garfield learns that the eggs will perish without maintained heat. He tries not to care about the eggs outside, but is eventually compelled to take care of them, even sitting on them.

The next morning, Garfield wakes up to see the eggs hatch, with the baby birds identifying Garfield as their mother, despite his insistence otherwise. After they go into the house, Garfield brings them back to their nest and tells them to wait until their real mother returns. However, Harry soon gets hold of them. Garfield takes them and gets chased by Harry. Soon, they all end up in the neighbor’s garage with the mother bluebird. Harry reclaims the baby birds and is about to eat them when the mother attacks him and drives him away. Garfield gets the babies reunited with their mother.

Sometime later, Garfield watches the birds fly off from their nest. He then admits to the audience that he “saved some birds”, then expects them to forget what they saw, warning them “I know where you live”.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters


(After Harry corners Garfield in the garage...)

Garfield: "Oh, big mistake. Now, I'm trapped."

Harry: "Big mistake. Now, you're trapped."

Garfield: "I said that."


  • In this episode Garfield is shown to get out of trees with ease, unlike in the comic strip.
  • This is the first episode to feature Harry.
  • Harry's voice is slighty deeper when he talks to Garfield, as well as when he says "Oh, no!".
  • Harry attempts to eat bluebirds for the first time. He would later do so in The Bluebird of Happiness and Problems, Problems, Problems.
The Garfield Show
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