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Mother Garfield is the secondUS/fourthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After Garfield chases a mother bluebird into a garage, he takes care of her eggs and protects them from Harry


At the Arbuckle house, Garfield is woken up by Harry looking through the trashcans for leftovers. Garfield tells him that leftovers are practically unheard of in the Arbuckle household. Harry tells Garfield that he has been interested in a bluebird and assumes Garfield has also been interested in it. Garfield tells Harry he lost interest in bird chasing as it was too much effort and too little reward. Garfield allows Harry to try catch the bluebird, but the latter is unable to. Garfield is intrigued and in the moment, decides to take hunting up again.

Garfield sees the same bluebird and fails multiple times to catch it. He eventually resorts to waiting in the tree the bird has set its nest and eggs in. Unbeknownst to him, the mother bluebird winds up locked in the neighbor's garage after the birds tries to catch a worm. As night falls, Garfield wonders about the eggs, but believing it not his problem, decides to go back home. He sees Jon Arbuckle and Odie watching a documentary on birds hatching eggs and learns the eggs will perish without maintained heat.

He tries to pay no care towards the eggs but is unable to fall asleep. He goes out with a flashlight and finds the mother hasn't returned and the eggs have gone cold. He becomes compelled to take care of them, going as far as sitting on them. The next morning, Garfield wakes up to see the eggs hatch. The baby birds assume Garfield is their mother, despite his insistence otherwise. They follow him into his house and begin to sit in his water dish. Garfield is annoyed and brings them back to the nest, insisting they wait for their real mother to return.

Garfield feels guilty and when worrying, realises Harry has gotten ahold of them. Garfield takes them from Harry, who is enraged and begins to pursue. They all end up in the neighbor’s garage with the mother bluebird. Harry reclaims the baby birds but is attacked by the mother, driving him away from the area. Garfield show the the babies their mother, reuniting the birds. Sometime later, Garfield watches the birds fly off from their nest. He tells the audience that while he did save some birds, he expects them to forget what they saw, warning them he knows their addresses.


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  • In this episode Garfield is shown to get out of trees with ease, unlike in the comic strip.
  • Harry's voice is slightly deeper when he talks to Garfield, as well as when he says "Oh, no!"
  • At a few points, pitched-up versions of Jon's voice clips are used for the mother bluebird.

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