Morton (voiced by Greg Burson) is Monica's boyfriend. He is afraid of her strict and overprotective father.

Physical Appearance

Morton has a short brown buzz cut hairstyle. He wears black glasses, a blue collared shirt, a purple sweater with an orange H on it, brown pants and light brown shoes.


Morton and his girlfriend Monica were first seen together in the park on a bench. Morton was about to proclaim how much he loves Monica, only to see Monica's father behind him preparing to beat him up. He said goodbye to Monica, hoping to never see her again.

When Monica and Jon go on a date to a fancy restaurant, Morton called Monica's father and informed her of her date. Later after seeing Jon running out of the restaurant (mistakenly thinking that Monica's father scared him away) Morton reunites with Monica only to find Monica's dad was behind him and begin to beat him. Monica tells him to stop him, stating that Morton was not her date, rather Jon. After evaluating both of them, Monica's father apologizes to her, agreeing to let her date Morton.


Garfield and Friends

Season 6

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