(Episode begins at Jon's house while Garfield is bored, and slowy jazzy instrumental music)

Garfield: (bored) I'm bored, I'm extremely bored... (*yawn*) I'm so bored... (he is slings the flower pot on the table) I can't stand it. (yawns) We're talking bored here. (walking to the chair, and T.V.) Maybe, there'll some on T.V., they'll really this boredom. (*click*)

(the music stops, and there's News Reporter reading)

News Reporter: We are proud to present us what he said, our documentary. Your friend, The paperclip. (Garfield clicks remote on the controller)

Painter: What is your latex based paint? Fix fifth-teenth hours today. (watching the house) Let's watch... (Garfield changes to another channel, T.V. static.)

The All-Phone Book Channel Announcer: You are watching "The All-Phone Book Channel". (fade out with Phone Book Reader)

Phone Book Reader: Johnson Frank, fourty-seventy-four 'em drive, 555-7693. (while showing full size of Garfield in the chair) Johnson Frederick B, one-one-three-four 'oh Cresent, pupil of us. (T.V. turned off)

Garfield: Mmm... Missed my favourite part. (stops his sit time on Chair, some jazzy music) Well, looks like I'm gonna have to cause some trouble... (being so bored) Who can I annoy. (Odie walking like a doggy)

Odie: (barking)

Garfield: This is why dogs, we're invented you know. (Garfield running away, and showing background of entire room, Garfield runs away to chair, and sits on lamp, opens book while showing cow, and showing full size of Garfield) What you are about to see folks, is an especially rotten thought. (got his scissors) (shows Cow book)

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