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Monica (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a woman who Jon Arbuckle once dated, only to find out that she was just teaching her very strict and overprotective father a lesson.

Physical Appearance

Monica had reddish brown hair and black eyes. She wore a pink top, pink pants, and pink high heels.


Monica and her boyfriend, Morton, are first seen in love with each other in the park. Then Monica's father finds out and threaten to hurt Morton, having warned Morton about staying away from Monica. Monica assures her father that she is old enough to date, although he claims that she deserves only the best. Knowing that her father does not consider any man to be good enough for her, Monica decides to go out with a jerk to teach her father a lesson.

She then sees Jon walking Odie, deciding that Jon would be perfect. Monica and Jon then go out on a date. Not believing any woman would want to go out with Jon willingly, Garfield and Odie interfere. They overhear Morton calling someone (presumably Monica's father), revealing that Jon and Monica are on a date. After Garfield and Odie ruin the date, Jon leaves for a minute and Morton takes his place, not knowing that Monica's dad had yet to show up. After Monica's dad arrives, he assumes Morton was mistreating Monica. He is about to hurt Morton, only for Monica to reveal that Jon was her actual date. Monica's father, after evaluating the two dates, finally accepts Morton as the better of the two.


Garfield and Friends

Season 6

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