Monday Misery is the third segment from the tenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield dreads the day upon finding out that is Monday. He does whatever he can to avoid bad luck.


One morning, Garfield wakes up Jon with an accordion, expecting him to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. After seeing a group of instruments Garfield intends to play if he does not get up, Jon reluctantly heads to the kitchen. Later, Garfield gets a ladder to pour syrup on his stack of pancakes while Jon gets a box to send things to his pen pal in Samoa, before the latter checks the calendar. Garfield is not concerned what day it is until hearing it is Monday.

Garfield daydreams (in a trailer-like format) of numerous bad things that are to be anticipated on Monday. He takes Jon's watch, setting it to go off when Monday is over. He goes to bed, hoping to wait there until the day is over, only for Jon to force him outside. Garfield tries to remain calm as he figures the day will turn out to be fine but is then hit with rain, a "splut" pie, and a piano.

Upon returning home, Garfield finds Jon's package to his Samoan pen pal. He then decides to send himself to Samoa in an attempt to evade Monday. After getting himself inside Jon's package, he goes through the process of being mailed to Samoa, which includes several painful segments, such as being thrown into the mail truck and getting squished inside the cargo plane.

After the package arrives in Samoa, a cat takes it inside his home and opens it. Garfield desperately emerges out and assumes that Monday is over, much to his delight. The other cat then informs him that, due to different time zones, Monday is only beginning in Samoa. Garfield runs out of the house and looks for safety. He finds a door marked "GORSH", (which is Samoan for "splut"), opens it, and gets hit with a pie as a result. Garfield then sadly confirms that it is still Monday.


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  • When Garfield arrives in Samoa, the Samoan cat claims that the country is behind the U.S. time zones. Samoa is actually seventeen hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone (which includes Muncie, Indiana), meaning Tuesday would have begun in Samoa instead.

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