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Monday is a recurring theme throughout the Garfield comics. Monday is an entity that, logically, appears on Mondays, where it harasses Garfield through a combination of bad luck and practical jokes.

The majority of times, Monday stays off-panel and throws things like pies, rocks and pianos at Garfield or manifests itself as an unrealistically large amount of misfortune. An example of this is when the ground below Garfield suddenly breaks open, causing him to fall in a hole.

During the times Monday appears on-panel, it usually is portrayed as a hideous monster.

A prominent theme was "The Monday That Wouldn't Die", in which every day in the week after a certain Monday was also Monday.


  • Monday has been mentioned 115 times, the 17th most.
  • Monday is Garfield's least favorite day of the week.
  • Garfield also hates people who like the fact that he hates Mondays, such as Odie and Jon, as is revealed in the June 21, 2004 comic.
  • The November 18, 2019, comic has Jon suggesting that Garfield and himself visit the planet, Venus. Garfield rejects the idea, claiming that Mondays on Venus last for 2,802 hours.
  • In the February 10, 2020 comic, Garfield refers to Monday as "Stay In Bed With A Teddy Bear Day".
  • In the March 9, 2020 comic, Garfield remarks that he wishes that there was an opt-out button for Mondays.
  • In the February 21, 2022 comic, Jon informs Garfield that their Wi-Fi is down, the coffee maker is broken, the store recently sold out of donuts, and that it is hailing outside. Depressed, Garfield remarks it "even Monday-er than usual".
  • There is a no Monday calendar.